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Dress fashionably in winter
Winter is the season when it is difficult to find both warm and nicely looking clothes. Not everything warm looks fashionable. The most important, do not try to dress exactly like the models on the catwalk. Most things that look great on models can hardly be put on in real life. Funny warm hats from autumn-winter collections of famous brands might force critics to smile, but if you suddenly see a girl in such a hat in the street, you would definitely have taken her crazy. It is always important to match clothes. Regular clothes can look even better than non-matching each other expensive clothes. For instance, fur coats perfectly match black dresses. If you wear a long dress then you can wear a short fur coat. This will underline the beauty of the dress. If the black dress is short, you can always wear a longer coat, though it will be also nice to wear something knee-high. Of course it all depends on the weather outside. When it is very cold outside, it is always better to wear a long fur coat.
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Choosing evening dress and coat it not so easy, as every person needs to choose both based on their own shape. For instance, not so tall girl should not wear an evening dress of a knee-high as it underlines her short height. When choosing the dress, it is important to consider the different physical characteristics, and individual shape of the body, such as full-bodied or lean, broad shoulders, a wide waist, big or small breasts , long or short neck, narrow or wide hips, full or thin legs, etc. To choose a dress that will be perfect for you, you need to know the type of your won figure. Also pay attention to the length of the dress. Dresses - maxi, for example, are not suitable for all cases: this length is only suitable for summer dresses for recreation and evening dresses. Mini - dresses fit only to owners of shapely legs. Besides, the relevance of these dresses is also quite limited. Choosing an evening address also much depends on the event where you need to wear the dress and the coat. If it is an official reception or an event of a serious character does not matter what your shape is, you need to wear something long that would suit the event. But again, you will need to consider the shape of the dress itself.
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Choosing the correct bottoms is also based on the knowing of your own shape. A skinny person should not wear too skinny jeans; the same applies to a full-bodied person. The event also matters in this case. If are you attending an event of a classic character, it is better you wear something more classic. You need also to choose appropriate shoes for your event. Inappropriate and non-standard shoes might spoil your feet and even cause headache, especially if you consider wearing these shoes for several hours. The shoes need to suit your dress and coat and at the same time be very comfortable.

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