snapshots of the week 48

Cada día siento que es un nuevo comienzo con ideas frescas, me encanta compartir con vosotros estas fotos de mi cuenta de instagram. las fotos y los looks diarios están yendo a mejor y me alegra poder decirlo, estamos trabajando duro para que todo se vea mejor. Disfrutad los snapshots de esta semana 48, recibe al mes de Diciembre teniendo un feliz Domingo! :)

Everyday I feel like a new start with a fresh motif, I love to share them with you all these pics at my IG account. Photos and daily looks are going better and I'm happy to say it, we're working hard to see advances. Enjoy snapshots of the week 48, welcome December having a great Sunday! :)

1. misi, 2. full outfit, 3. you're the best!<3 Thank you, 4. Osi, vuelve a casa por Navidad:)

 1. on mad-lula, 2. naked, 3. shadow of love:L&L, 4.'Quien no arriesga, no triunfa'.
 1. Sunday stroll, 2. morning view, 3. chic style, 4. wednesday black decisions.
 1. thinking, 2. coffee and nails of the week, 3. ethnic accessories, 4. love this look
 1. L.V moments, 2. colourful sunset, 3. pop of leopard, 4. blue over blue
 1. wellies, 2. christmas time? 3. parka jacket, 4. Sí, hace frío | comfy
 1. Happiness is a state of mind, 2.New Prada big shades for bags panda days, 3. Lucas & Lara 4. new!

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  1. I love all the photos!
    Especially love your blouse with horses :)
    Thank you!

    I wanna know your competent opinion about my NEW POST :)
    Olya Garkusha from Girl From Vogue Blog


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