snapshots of the week 47

Aquí tenéis las fotos de la última semana, disfrutadlas y tened un bonito Domingo! :)

Here, you've the snapshots of the last week, enjoy them and have a great sunday! :)

 1. pop of red, 2.Algodones de azúcar sobre mi cabeza, 3. back to black, 4. today's total look

 1. booties, 2. Lope de Vega, 3. b&w foulard, 4. Agustina es la Nº1, Old time ago when I was 5 enjoying a beach day w/ my Grandma.

 1. what about your wednesday? 2. fall face, 3. friday essentials, 4. Oh my! that's me?

 1. classy, 2. knowledge+character=power+respect, 3.Arm wrist, 4. double vision 

1. Happy Monday everyone! 2. Lazy saturday morning, 3. yin yang, los opuestos se complementan, 
4. Wild L.

 1.faux fur coat for cold days, 2.hi! 3. coffee in good company, 4. :) smile!

1. leo coat, 2.all about beauty things, 3. algo brillante, 4. rainy days

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