snapshots of the week 45

Aquí tenéis las fotos de la semana pasada de mi cuenta de Instagram, disfrutadlas y tened un buen domingo! Hoy me siento un poco enferma, mi plan es descansar todo el día. Sed felices :)

 Here you have the last week pics from my IG account, enjoy them and have a great sunday! I feel kind of sick today I'm gonna rest all day. Be happy :)


1. cactus window, 2. cozy moments while working, 3. burgundy sweater, 4. summer memories with my love in Barcelona.

 1. no make up, 2. selfie at the mirror, 3. high brown boots, 4. thriller jacket

1. peaceful place, 2. she <3 he 3. deep breath 4. a big bag for a busy day

1. it's a beautiful day, 2. cupcake recipe, 3. pinkiss, pink beanie 4. total look on friday off

 1. [L+D+L], 2. black and grey, 3. brown accessories, 4. jump, jump!

1. "Siempre encuentro belleza en cosas raras e imperfectas- son mucho más interesantes." MJ, 2. a fall elefant, 3. mixing prints, 4. love these shoes

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