snapshots of the week 43

Aquí tenéis las fotos de la semana pasada de instagram, disfrutadlas. Tened un buen día y recordad que un pequeño pensamiento positivo al comienzo del día puede cambiar tu día entero.

 Here you have the instagram pics of the last week, enjoy them. Have a great day and remember that one small positive thought at the beginning of the day can change your whole day.

1. Time to enjoy a cup of tea, 2. best place, 3. better with a good hat, 4. sun is shining over the clouds

 1. <3 saturdays, 2. on today's post, 3. choosing some brown accessories, 4. plaid and leather outfit

 1. This is a grey day, 2. glitter and red, 3. A lot of Michael on my mind, 4. Special post for Halloween

1. Smile, 2. Lovely place where we can't get in, 3. coffee and tea time after 5p.m, 4.Fall season

                        1.Feeling the fall, 2. on our way home, 3.Simple as that, 4. Pasta for lunch

1. today's essentials, 2. I miss this beauty so much, 3. sunny sunday, 4. :D :D

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