snapshots of the week 42

Con todas estas novedades aquí tenéis un resumen de la semana pasada de las fotos de mi cuenta  instagram. Estoy muy contenta con todas estas novedades. Espero que os gusten las fotos del post de hoy. ;)

With all these news, here you have a recap of the last week from my IG account. I'm excited with all these  news. Hope you'll like today's pics. ;)

1. a flowered dress, 2. :) 3. and here it's the moon, 3. these are so R'n'R

1.We're tired after a long night, 2. leopard+bomber jacket, 3. cocido madrileño with my family, 4. a trend
1.this sunset doesn't need filters, 2. my animal kingdom, 3.classy jacket, 4.late mornings with tons of coffee1. LOVE of my life, 2.weird face, 3. he and she on a late saturday morning, 4. Mad-Lula colours'
1. keep strong woman, you've been created to be the strongest creature, 2. eye of the tiger,                                                             3. Enjoy today,  4.sweet decisions.                                                  Visit my IG at / Visita mi cuenta de Instagram en:                                                                     @madlula

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