snapshots of the week 41

Aquí tenéis un resumen de las fotos de instagram de la semana pasada. Si esta es la primera vez que visitáis my blog, empecé este proyecto en instagram y después de meses empecé a construir mi propio blog. Disfrutadlo! 

Here, there is a recap from last week IG pics. If it is the first time you visit my blog, I started this project from IG and after months I began to build this creative space. Enjoy it!

1. Living la Vida Loca! 2. Smile! 3. my usual outfit pic, 4. :P 
 1. My bf is a great chef! 2. poker face 3. enjoying my friday off,  4.@docluka is the best! it was a delicious dinner
 1. some accessories, 2. basic look, 3. don't miss today's post! 4. I'm wearing MadLula colours 
 1. Legs and that's all, 2. which one today? 3. Smile! 4. yummy cookies!
 1. Empieza donde estás, usa lo que tengas, haz lo que puedas. 2. new! 3. peace to all you, 4. Mornings that start with a beauty box #Ifeelbeauty
 1. he & she on a morning shooting, 2. My bro sings a R'n'R happy b-day to our mum, 3. shades of peace and Love, 4. L&L
 1. perfect sunday plan at my fav place, 2. new at #madlula, 3. B&W dress, 4. <3 misi
1. an autumn walk, 2. Skate park, 3. this season again, 4. out for dinner

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