snapshots of the week 36

Feliz domingo! Aquí tenéis las fotos de instagram de la semana pasada. Podéis ver en tiempo real lo que publico incluidos mis looks diarios y aventuras. La fotografía es una manera de capturar momentos, siéntete libre de compartir con nosotros qué te parecen las fotos. Aquí, estamos pasándolo bien en las fiestas de nuestro pueblo, os deseo un maravilloso día. gracias por vuestros comentarios. :)

happy sunday! here, there are instagram pics of the last week. You can see what I'm publishing in real time all my looks and adventures. Photography is a way to capture moments, feel free to share with us what do think about these pics. Here, we are having fun in our town festivities I wish you a rad day. thanks for all your comments :)

1.sky this morning, 2. smell it! / Huélelo! #loveisintheair 3.tomorrow on the blog 4. having fun!

1.sky today, 2. such a good break! 3. new post up on the blog, 4. caught in the act!

1.Shades of Lara, 2. don't miss today's post, 3. about butterflies, 4. good afternoon beauties!

 1. new post up on the blog! 2. enjoying last days at the pool, 3. beautiful places, 4. from today's look

1.new post up on the blog, 2. "He visto un lindo gatito", 3. maybe, it's the last day at the pool, 4. right now, total white look.

 1. new post up on the blog! 2.right now, comfy monday, 3. hi! on the road, 4. sky today

 1. first of september, a leopard touch, 2.Pool time, 3. Oh, hi september! Summer essentials, 4. delicious fast food cc docluka

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